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* Please remove all your valuable belongings before service. Mr. EcoWash is not responsible for lost items.

*Price depends on size of car ($ Compact / SUV / Bigger than SUV)

Super Wash

Outside Hand Wash with Waterless Lotion; Exterior Windows & Rims; Tire and Fender Dressing

$25 / 35 / 40

Premium Wash

Exterior PLUS Full Vacuum, Interior Windows, Clean Door Jams, Under Seat Cleaning, Wipe Dash and Console, Interior Doors and Panels

$45 / 60 / 75

Spray Wax

Interior & Exterior PLUS Spray Wax for Great Shine

$55 / 70 / 85

Express Wax

Interior & Exterior PLUS Carnauba Cream Wax for Protection & Shine

$ 90 / 120 / 150

Full Exterior Detail

Interior & Exterior PLUS Clay Bar Treatment and Buffed Carnauba Cream Wax

$275 / 295 / 345

Full Interior Detail

Interior & Exterior PLUS Full Shampoo, Leather and Vinyl Treatment, Cleaning of Gauges, Buttons, Knobs, and Vents

$275 / 295 / 345

Full Exterior & Interior Detail

Exterior PLUS Clay Bar Treatment, Buffed Polish and Carnauba Cream Wax & Interior Shampoo, Leather and Vinyl Treatment, Cleaning of Gauges, Buttons, Knobs, & Vents

$445 / 495 / 595

Premium Detailing Service

Additional charges may apply depending on condition and size of vehicle.

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2501 Bayshore Blvd
San Franscisco, CA 94134

Mon–Sat: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

(415) 885-9102
  • I’d first like to state how hard it is finding a quality car wash in the city is. I’ve been to both Tower, and divisidero car washes and was a little disappointed by my experiences at both.

    I heard about mr. Eco from a coworker who uses them frequently. I booked an appointment for a wax since my car’s paint needed a reprieve from this weather of rain wind and sun. Pulled up and left the lot with in an hour all the while being greeted by nearly every employee I walked past. Completely friendly staff and very great work for the prices. Thanks for the beautiful job, guys!

    Brandon C – San Francisco, CA

  • These guys are awesome! Came by for an Express Wax and they did an amazing job! My M3 is looking gorgeous, and she’s got clean shoes! This is where most other car washes fail, they leave my rims still dirty but not Mr Ecowash! These guys pay attention to details and are fast! No tracks to scrape your precious and expensive rims, which is exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t notice any chemical smells from their cleaners which is great.

    Great job guys I will definitely be back and keep up the good work!

    Alan F – • San Francisco, CA

  • For $29 (my small car) and $45 (my wife’s big car), we just got an amazing inside-and-out wash. Three guys spent about 1.5 hours washing and vacuuming every nook and cranny, and then hand cleaning the interiors. We got far more than what I thought I was paying for. Both cars look fantastic.

    No negatives here. The guys were prompt, professional, and attentive.

    Jay W – San Francisco, CA

  • These guys detailed my car a few months ago. They removed two years worth of dog fur, without a trace. I’ve been back for several washes since then. They are great and they are fast.

    Susan S – San Francisco, CA

  • After 5 years and three kids, my minivan had more than its share of dirt caked on, in and out. My kids are pretty rough on car interiors! Jose and his crew just made my car look the same as when I bought it. I paid for the full interior/exterior detail and got my money’s worth and then some. They really paid attention to detail- cleaned out all the small compartments inside, made the rims look better than ever, and even buffed out some house paint on the bumper (from my garage door- don’t ask…). I am pretty picky about how my car gets waxed; I looked over the car when I picked it up but not a single swirl mark. I’ll be back!

    Rick S – San Francisco, CA

  • Had my truck cleaned here. It was parked on a farm for a long time and I got the full detail. They did a great job! Now the truck looks like new. I’ll definitely be back!

    Matt B – Morgan Hill, CA

  • This place is awesome! I always come here to wash my car and it always looks fantastic when they’re done. The staff is super friendly and the prices are very reasonable. My Benz always comes out looking brand new again! Highly recommend this place

    Geny K – South San Francisco, CA

  • I took my car to Burning man. The playa more or less swallowed the poor thing, inside and out. I took my car to Ecowash, and now it looks like I’ve never been to Burning man, and is probably the cleanest its been since I bought it. Highly recommend.

    Matt L – San Francisco, CA